Free Diving in Kona

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Gear? Who needs gear? Free diving is as ancient of a sport as the Polynesians on the Hawaiian Islands. Hawaii Royalty and warriors of long ago would dive into the warm waters along the coastline of the Big Island and walk large boulders from place to place to build strength under water and train themselves to hold their breath for long periods of time.

Devin SnorkelingDevin Milligan with Ocean Safari organizes kayak tours along the Kona coast. Ocean Safari is fully licensed and insured and have the only lease agreement at Keauhou Bay to rent kayaks and do tours. Give him a call at (808) 494-4144 and set up an appointment! He does great trips into caves and includes a cliff diving session! If guided trips are not your thing, Devin will also rent you a kayak, snorkel gear or a Stand Up Paddle board! Best prices on the island!
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